Portuguese Grammar Hotline Set Up In Rio

“Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil has set up a grammar hotline to help people who have difficulties using Portuguese. Experts will field questions about topics such as spelling and the use of accents in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. Correspondents say Brazilians are sensitive about making grammatical errors, which are often associated with a lack of education.

The announcement was published in the Rio state assembly’s official gazette. According to the gazette, eight qualified language experts will be on call from Monday to Friday to answer questions about issues including syntax, word formation and verb and noun agreement.” – Source (more here)

My Take

This one came out of left field, kind of like the international TV station…for Africa. Is it possible that that many people in Rio have the need for such a service or for part of the state budget to go towards eight full-time language experts? I think Rio should take a page out of the Porto Alegre book and instate participatory budgeting so actual residents can decide where the money goes. Just an idea…


One thought on “Portuguese Grammar Hotline Set Up In Rio

  1. Yes, you don’t need a hotline for that. Just open up a grammar book. This only reinforces the misconception that Portuguese is too difficult, that we can’t speak OUR language well. Bullshit after bullshit.

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