Flooding Bank Accounts in Southern Bahia

“In Guaratinga, a city 390 kilometers from Salvador, near Eunápolis, in the south of the state, there was practically no rain in June, but the city council alleged that the city suffered from flooding from June 15th-17th and called for a state of emergency. According to the Public Ministry, the fraud was committed in order to obtain R$2 million in federal funds, to be applied to public works that were to be done without bidding.

The fraud was only discovered because the promotor Bruno Gontijo Teixeira didn’t trust the information. To check it, he used data from the National Institute of Meteorology, which confirmed that the volume of water during the period was practically zero.

The Military Police filed a civil action against the mayor for administrative misconduct. If condemned, he will have to reimburse the amount received and can have his political rights suspended. The city council is forbidden from using the money.” – Source (in PT)

My Take

I’m not sure the phrasing is right, that the mayor may be punished because it definitely shouldn’t be just a possibility. He should get jail time. What happens when the city really needs federal funds? Will there always be a promotor there to double-check the facts?


One thought on “Flooding Bank Accounts in Southern Bahia

  1. The phrasing is completely right and deliberate, you can be sure that nothing will happen to him (and if it does, something of no consequence). He won’t get any jail time for certain. That’s how things are.

    I would love to be wrong, though…

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