5x Favela – Then & Now

The remake of the 1962 black and white film Cinco Vezes Favela is about to come out in Brazil, after having been screened at Cannes. Interesting that since the original, so many films have been made about the favelas and virtually all of them focus on bandidos (thugs, criminals). Come to think of it, why aren’t the favela residents portrayed as criminals who love soccer? That way, two stereotypes could become one…no, scratch that. Even better, let’s have every single Brazilian portrayed as a quintessential Brazilian so that one single stereotype could reign. Ok, enough sarcasm. Here’s a little about the original film.


The film in episodes

1- “Um favelado”: Unemployed and without money, a favela resident constructs a plan to make money;

2- “Zé da cachorra”: A landowner wants his land back, where a favela currently is;

3- “Escola de Samba Alegria de Viver”: The president of a samba school is divided between fighting for his status or accepting the commercial impositions of Carnival;

4- “Couro de gato”: Residents hunt cats in order to use their hide to make tamborines.

5- “Pedreira de São Diogo”: Above a quarry there’s a favela. Upon seeing the risk of a landslide, the workers incite the residents to start a resistence movement to stop a fatal accident.


“The Project 5X Favela [5 Times Favela], which aims to teach young people from the favelas (slums) of Rio de Janeiro how to work in the movie business, presented its first feature film, “5X Favela: Now by ourselves” at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on 18th May.

The film shows five shorts of 20 minutes, each made by different students from the several film workshops from the Project 5X Favela performed by renowned Brazilian filmmakers such as Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Ruy Guerra, Walter Lima Jr., Daniel Filho, Walter Salles, Fernando Meirelles, João Moreira Salles and others.  ”5X Favela: Now by ourserves” reflects the voice and point of view of the youth living (and growing up) in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.” – Source (more here)


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