Brazil In The Press

Brazil’s Agricultural Miracle: How To Feed The World – The Economist
Brazilian Agriculture: The Miracle of the Cerrado – The Economist
I guess The Economist can’t get enough of Brazilian agriculture.

Polls Show Rousseff Set For Victory In Brazil Election – Financial Times
Can Facebook Become Brazil’s Other Social Network? – Financial Times

You’d Be Nuts to Miss Out On Brazil – The Evening Telegraph

Brazil ‘Fire Tornado’ Caught On Film – The Huffington Post

Brazil Goes All Digital In 2010 Census – ZD Net

Novartis To Build Vaccine Plant In Brazil – Yahoo News


2 thoughts on “Brazil In The Press

  1. Brazil sure is getting media coverage. Much of it is hype (Evening Telegraph) and written by those who have no real understanding of what is happening here these days; especially on the economic front. The Economist usually gets it right or at least without all the fluff.

    The biggest problem with these “hype” reports is they focus on the “numbers”, which only tell part of the story. Not understanding how these “numbers” came to be is what leads most foreign investors to lose money.

    Brazil will eat you alive if don’t first pass Brazil 101.

    • Agreed, Gene. Unfortunately, people like hype so that’s what writers write about (or vice versa, not sure). Brazil 101 took me 10 years to get through.

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