Brazilian Restaurant In Berlin Offers Human Flesh On The Menu

(Note: It was a hoax)

The Brazilian restaurant Flimé caused controversy and harsh criticism in the German capital, Berlin, announcing that it will open a branch in the city on September 8th. The restaurant, whose headquarters are in the state of Rondônia, includes in its inaugural campaign in Germany a registration for customers interested in offering parts of their own body.

The website of the restaurant does not include on its menu any direct reference to human flesh, but says it follows the Wari culture–an Indian tribe of the Amazon jungle known for its culture of cannibalism–in which “eating is a spiritual act with which one wins the mind and the strength of that which is eaten”.

The Vice-President of the Christian Democratic Union in Berlin, Michael Braun, expressed his outrage at the restaurant and cuisine. “I hope it’s just a distasteful joke” says Braun to The German newspaper “Bild”, adding that the campaign could be just to arouse the curiosity of its customers.

The restaurant also caused concern in Guarajá-Mirim (Rondônia), where close to 1,000 people protested against the use of human flesh on the menu. In an interview on Youtube two weeks ago, the owner Eduardo Amado said that the protests helped to attract new clients and that everyone should try the Wari cuisine, adding that the clients return with a smile on their faces.

The restaurant’s address in Berlin is still a secret. For Brazilians, on their website one can find instructions on how to get to Flimé, in the middle of the Amazon jungle in Rodônia. – Source (more here, in PT)


3 thoughts on “Brazilian Restaurant In Berlin Offers Human Flesh On The Menu

  1. If that was not a huge hoax with people in the videos obviously speaking with a Portuguese accent poorly disguised it could be called news.

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