The Hottest Properties in Brazil Are…

I was looking at Expat Brazil’s Twitter feed when I saw this news that I’ll translate below…

Research done by IBOPE ordered by Exame magazine shows that the neighborhood of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, considered together with its neighbors Arpoador and Leblon, has the most expensive square meter in Brazil for new real estate. Apart from this, the study shows that Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília and Salvador contain the ten most expensive square meters in the country.

See the list below with the average prices per square meter (=10,700 sq ft):

1. Ipanema (together with Arpoador and Leblon), Rio de Janeiro – US$ 6,453

2. Lagoa (together with Jardim Botânico), Rio de Janeiro – US$ 4,773

3. Plano Piloto, Brasília – US$ 4,545 to US$ 4,829

4. Botafogo (together with Cosme Velho, Flamengo and Laranjeiras), Rio de Janeiro – US$ 3,924

5. Alto de Pinheiros, São Paulo – US$ 3,835

6. Jardim Paulista (together with Jardim Europa), São Paulo – US$ 3,718

7. Moema (together with Ibirapuera), São Paulo – US$ 3,706

8. Itaim Bibi (together with Vila Olímpia), São Paulo – US$ 3,580

9. Pinheiros (together with Vila Madalena), São Paulo – US$ 3505

10. Barra, Salvador – US$ 3,309


3 thoughts on “The Hottest Properties in Brazil Are…

  1. this makes me sad! i rent an apt in vila madalena/alto de pinheiros in SP and my lease is up in march – i’ve been looking to buy an apt but with the prices i’m going to have to leave my lovely little neighborhood! =/

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