Between You & I/Me – Portuguese

The following is from the grammar book ‘Português Do Dia-a-Dia’.

There’s nothing between you and I or between you and me?

The answer is: Não há nada entre mim e você.

‘Eu’ is a nominative case personal pronoun and can only be used as a subject. To use this, what is needed is a verb in its infinitive: “Não há nada entre eu sair e você ficar em casa.” When there isn’t a verb, we should always use ‘entre mim e você‘.

Here are more examples:
A escolha será entre mim e o meu irmão.
O meu irmão e eu fomos os escolhidos.

In the first example, we should use ‘mim‘ because it’s not the subject. The subject is ‘a escolha’. In the second case, we should use ‘eu‘ because it’s the nucleus of the compound subject ‘o meu irmão e eu’.

Keep in mind that ‘entre eu e você’ is always wrong. If you don’t like the correct form (‘entre mim e você’ or ‘entre você e mim’), because you find it ‘strange’, then there is only one correct alternative: A partir de hoje não haverá nada entre nós.

Here are additional explanations on this matter.

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