German Vegetarians Serve Up Hoax

I’m sure many people have heard of the supposed Brazilian restaurant in Berlin that was to serve human parts on their menu. I wrote about it when I saw it as a main article on Folha and personally took it as someone’s sad attempt at humor. Well, I just read that it really was all a joke, just a publicity stunt by some vegetarian society in Berlin. I’m sure Brazilians enjoy seeing something related to their country in a light that is less than favorable, all for the enjoyment of some German group. Perhaps I should have let the story pan out fact-wise before posting it but I kind of figured that was the job of a huge national newspaper like Folha. The story should have been in their Op-Ed section under “How is this joke funny?” rather than on the top of the front page.


One thought on “German Vegetarians Serve Up Hoax

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