Atheists Belong in Jail, Says Host of ‘Brasil Urgente’

“On July 27th, José Luiz Datena, a famous Brazilian TV host who runs a show called Brasil Urgente on national television, “delivered a speech of deep prejudice and bigotry against atheists, against those who ‘do not have God in their hearts’”, according to Robson Fernando, from blog Arauto da Consciência [Herald of Consciousness].

Blog Ateus do Brasil [Atheists from Brazil] explains what triggered the discussion:

He created a poll on his program for people to respond whether they believed in God or not. When he saw that a lot of us were voting “no”, he began to roar. “How come we have over a thousand atheists? I bet that many of these are calling from jail. Atheists are people without boundaries, that’s why they kill, commit such atrocities. Because they think they are their own God. Just ask criminals who commit such atrocities to see that they do not believe in God.”

He said only those who do not believe in God are capable of committing crimes. He said that atheists are “evil people”, “bandits,” “rapists,” “murderers.” He said the atheists are to be blamed for our country’s violence and corruption. “Those who are atheists can turn off their TV or change channels because I do not care if any [of you] are watching my program.” In addition, he said he respects everyone, but if there’s one thing he dislikes it is “people who do not believe in God because they cannot be good people.” – Source (more here)


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