Brazil Battles Image Problem During Movie Industry Boom

It was the middle of the night in Jardim Tiradentes, one of Sao Paulo’s rougher neighborhoods. A two-man crew was waiting to film a police raid when chief inspector Rafael Correa Lodi broke the bad news.

“If there’s a risk of them killing the girl, there’s also a risk they will fire at us — so you guys have to stay here.”

He was addressing director Jorge Atalla and his cameraman, who had been following the inspector’s anti-kidnapping team for close to a year for the upcoming documentary “Sequestro.” Now, just as the cops were about to storm a shabby building where a 6-year-old girl was believed to be held, Atalla was forced to withdraw.

If some had their way Atalla might cease making his film altogether.

With Brazil’s film industry in the midst of a major resurgence, local filmmakers, intent on chronicling the country’s character in unflinching fashion, find themselves at odds with a strategy to improve the global perception that Brazil is a crime-ridden land with little to offer the international film community.” – Source (more here)


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