Elizeth Cardoso – Barracão do Zinco

I’m going to do it old-school today and present two songs by Elizeth Cardoso, an actress and one of the great divas of Brazilian bossa nova and samba who left us with 40-something albums of her work. The first song (Barracão do Zinco) was one of her biggest hits and the bonus is the second song (Naquela Mesa).


2 thoughts on “Elizeth Cardoso – Barracão do Zinco

  1. I especially like old school Brazilian music and Elizeth Cardoso’s song Barracão do Zinco to me sounds like Choro music with it’s intricate, complex, and improvisational grooves. This is good stuff and the musicians accompanying her on the track are marvelous musicians themselves. I appreciate you turning me on to her music.

  2. Can anyone help me track down what album this live song Barracão de Zinco is from? The only thing I have to go on is the band that is backing her up on this tune is Época de Ouro featuring Jacob do Bandolim, the master bandolin player. Thanks in advance.

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