Kidnapping (Brazil’s Image) – Part 2

I just wrote about the new documentary film from Brazil called Sequestro (Kidnap) and how it being showcased abroad will just lead to more negative images about Brazil. Just after I had hit publish on that post, I came across a good example of another kind of kidnapping of Brazil’s image abroad. The Guardian UK newspaper has a section on learning English for which they publish worksheets for teachers to use in class. The particular worksheet for today is on bulletproofing Brazilian schools and the children learn about Brazil through a negative image. So it seems the teachers are simultaneously grading the students on Brazil while degrading Brazil for the students.

More Info

The Guardian Worksheets (click fullscreen)

2 thoughts on “Kidnapping (Brazil’s Image) – Part 2

  1. It’s sad when reality is shaped by mass entertainment. Either Brazil is a drug infested gangland or a never ending party but never the thriving center of industry, culture, art, and entertainment. I guess that wouldn’t make an interesting movie but it would be the truth.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Sherman. These types of movies, about the Brazil that should be shown, do come out in Brazil but they aren’t pushed to the international market. This leaves Brazilian directors, producers and media companies having to write for the international market if they want foreign acclaim because they have to compete with the likes of Stallone’s The Expendables.

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