TV Show on New Middle Class

“Get to know the story of Brazilians who through business-minded attitudes, found a way to solve their problems and climb the economic ladder. Find out what this new middle class thinks about the future.”

Source (second video here, in PT)

My Take

What I’m curious about is how many have improved their own economic class (versus comparing it against their parents), if the perimeters for each economic class have changed in recent times and, as I just hinted at, how many cases are those of the next generation living better than their parents. Also, shouldn’t this new middle-class be evaluated in terms of the consequences rather than the catalyst? Meaning they are all becoming consumers of products that, in most cases, will leave them in debt. Knowing whether they are really improving their own situations is not so cut and dry because in the short term, surely they are, but in the long-term, who knows.


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