Study Says Brazilians Have Sweet Tooth

“Fruits, jello, sweets or chocolate? Which is the favorite dessert of Brazilians? The first-ever study about the Brazilian consumer’s favorite desserts shows what prevails in each region and how it occurs in relation to consumption and the will to lose weight. The study, which was released this Wednesday by the Brazilian Association of Nutrition (Abran), shows that Brazilians love sweets. More than 60% of the population chose some dessert with a base of sugar to round out their meal – generally lunch. But fruits such as apples, bananas, melons, papayas, grapes and oranges also appeared on the list.

The study was done with 2,500 people from 18 to 80 yrs old between April and July of this year. Of those interviewed, 56% were women and 44% were men. Of the total, 26% chose fruits; 13%, chocolates; 10%, jello; 9%, sweets made from fruit; 8%, milk-based caramel; 7%, ice cream; 6%, cake (when added up, sweets totaled 69%). The study showed that the higher the frequency of desserts after a meal, the less satisfied the consumer was with their weight. Those who are accustomed to eating smaller portions and avoiding desserts are generally happier with their weight. Another data point that was revealed by the research is that those who wait to eat more at night are usually more unhappy with their weight. ” – Source (in PT)


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