‘Renewable Home’ Report

“Brazilian couple Luiz and Edna Toledo have a home made from rubbish, literally. Not content with building themselves a recycled mansion, the couple now plan to construct an entire community from waste.

With walls made of bottles and a roof of bamboo, Luiz and Edna’s house cost a fraction of a normal building. And now an ecologically sustainable village is on the drawing board. “It’s definitely ecologically and economically sound, I think it’s fantastic. This house is life”, says local Government architect Laura. Could this be an alternative to Brazil’s disease-ridden favelas?”

My Take

Soon, people will stop saying ‘ecologically correct’ and just say ‘correct’ which will lead to ‘legally correct’. While ‘green’ is nice and all, it shouldn’t lead to legal pressure to take away our choices, but the current direction of things says it will.


6 thoughts on “‘Renewable Home’ Report

  1. “While ‘green’ is nice and all, it shouldn’t lead to legal pressure to take away our choices, but the current direction of things says it will.”

    Are you kidding me? Adam I’m beginning to see how you think. On this blog you will make posts (My Take) just to see what kind of different responses you can generate. Whether or not you actually believe them or not. You are a natural teacher, you make people think!

    I’ve seen some of the structures and homes built in favelas. Don’t get me wrong they serve wonderful purposes to raise families, provide places of business, self supporting community schools and such. But I’ve seen every building code known to man violated, 1,000,000 fold. One of the first jokes I heard in Brazil: “There are more unregistered engineers in the fevalas than anywhere in Brazil” And the so called modern construction general contractors in Brazil? Haven’t met a building code they have not yet violated to receive some sort of financial kickback.

    Luiz and Edna Toledo are Brazilian treasures. To take someone’s trash and to turn it into beautiful, functional structures to the extent that they did is a miracle or as close to God like as you can get.

    They are throwbacks to the times when the term “Engineer” was the guy who first built the engine by being self taught. No undergrad or grad schools here. Tradesmen and craftsmen. Who taught themselves math, sciences, languages, whatever. In fact the same persons who built the engine, figured out how to build the tracks and rails which led to the iron bridges that engineers are recognized for to this day.

    Luiz and Edna are truly Renaissance folks, in every sense of the word. They has mastered every form of engineering, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, structural, architectural, and probably has invented other forms of engineering that are yet to be learned. Did you see how embarrassed the formally educated architect looked when asked to rate Luiz’s and Edna’s home to the scale of a modern home? He had to give Luiz high marks.

    I would love to have seen their garden! Can you imagine? If anyone can find out where they live in Brazil, I sure would like to know.

  2. Well, I was wrong about one thing, Luiz Toledo does have a formal education. He is a biologist and a teacher! I did some detective work and found the reporter of the story, Giovana Vitloa and emailed her and she emailed me right back this evening with Sr. Toledo’s website http://luiztoledo.net/page14.aspx enjoy.

  3. I agree. Green is good, I just hate it when society dictates that we should all follow, taking away our choices. It is probably the best solution but THEIR definition of “green” varies & THEY decide what should & should not be done to help w/ that problem, which to me is wrong.

    • Couldn’t have said it better, Kalani. I’m quite partial to this documentary (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5576670191369613647#) and this site (http://www.green-agenda.com/). We live in an ‘expert’ society, where we should trust those who know what they are doing and saying instead of really thinking for ourselves. When we become the infants and the government, our parents, there’s something quite wrong going on. The proliferation of cop shows and medical dramas in the last 10-20 years are telling us this, that science and the law know best, so obey!

      I don’t need everyone to believe what I believe but I do want them to have considered multiple sides on their own. Considering just one side of a story is very dangerous, considering two sides is less dangerous and stepping away from both sides to see the whole picture, only beneficial. When using less and having less choices goes from being pushed as ‘favorable behavior’ to ‘it’s the law’ then it will be too late. For example, ‘use less energy at home’ will become ‘we’ve put a cap on your energy usage’ and ‘go paperless to save the planet’ becomes ‘we can only do things electronically’, all the while we are updated just like our own computers to accept definitions of what is good and acceptable and what is not. One update changes things a little, a second update changes things a little more but over the span of 5 or 10 years, we’ve perhaps been led down a path we didn’t consciously choose.

  4. Adam and Kalani do have good point and I have seen it first hand. In metro Atlanta, GA there has been a drought on and off for three years. So the “government” put the entire community on water (conservation) restrictions. People started using all types of water reclamation devices to conserve water, stopped watering their lawns, and even stopped washing their cars. After about a year or so of restrictions the water departments in every community lost so much money that they raised out water rates! The entire metro area was pissed including me. I do see your point about government intrusion. It just seems in Brazil in order to circumvent the law if you have enough money you can just pay someone off.

  5. I hate to beat a dead horse, but I remember reading somewhere that in Rio they are starting to ban the playing of futebol (soccer) on certain parts of the beach! Point taken.

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