The Silicone Sisterhood

“Among Brazil’s poor, there are three sexes: Men, women and travestis -biological males who have changed themselves by art and science into something very close to females. Many use liquid silicone injections in order to enhance the transformation; but the cost, for some, can be terrible.” – Source (more here)

So I watched a documentary on Vimeo about bombadeiras (transvestis* who inject industrial-grade silicone into other transvestis so they have a more feminine figure) and it was half enlightening and half disturbing. The documentary was filmed in Salvador and focuses on male transvestites, their lives and the act of bombando (silicone injection). The director sees the cycle as an act of death and rebirth, both in the individual sense of each male becoming female and in the basic sense that people do die from these clandestine injections (and hopefully, those left behind learn from it).

* – In Brazil, there are the transgendered, transvestites and the travestis. The difference is explained in the second paragraph of the article link I provided above.

More Info

Bombadeira (with English subs)

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