O Bicho Tá Pegando – Slang

This famous Brazilian Portuguese phrase refers to any difficult situation, one that is hard to resolve. Another variation of the same thing, but in the near future, is ‘o bicho vai pegar’. If someone asks me how I am and I have three exams tomorrow plus a fulltime job, I might answer by saying ‘Vixi, o bicho tá pegando, viu?’. Some rough English translations might be ‘it’s time to pay the piper’, ‘the jig is up’ or ‘there’s hell to pay’, basically it’s when someone has to bear the consequences of one’s actions.

One thought on “O Bicho Tá Pegando – Slang

  1. Now these are the things I look for. When I skype w/ Brazilians, they always ask me about colloquialisms, something I’ve been so wanting to learn for a very long time. But to have them ask me about English colloquialisms and to explain them, not easy. The same goes when they try to explain these to me from Portuguese. But it’s very interesting & to understand their perspective better.

    Let’s see…there’s hell to pay, that’s it, your number’s up, it’s going down…can’t think of anymore along that line. I dunno about that jig is up though. lol Must be a very isolated regional term. hahaha

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