Bolivians Students in SP Being Extorted

“Immigrant students at the Padre Anchieta state school, in Brás (central region of São Paulo), pay a “toll” to Brazilians to not get beat up off the school grounds. The information comes from a report by Raphael Marchiori published in this Tuesday’s edition of Folha.

To feel secure, the foreigners, principally Bolivians, pay with snacks or with what they have in their pockets, even if it’s just R$1. “Otherwise, they get beat up on the outside”, says Mário Roberto Queiroz, 49, history professor and mediator — a function created by the Secretary of Education to work together with the school community to address questions of vandalism, discrimination and violence.

The purchase of “security” was revealed to Folha by students and teachers. The school board itself confirms it. One student and an ex-student, both 16 years old, affirmed that the cases have occurred since at least 2008. “They demand R$1 or R$2. I handed it over three times. On the fourth time, I got beat up”, says one of them, that has been in Brazil for 14 years.” – Source (in PT)

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