A Sad Day for Brazil

I generally stay out of politics on this blog because frankly I don’t find it that interesting but I happened to read one of the top stories (in PT) on O Globo today and it saddened me greatly. It’s called “See which celebrities were elected on Sunday” and it runs the gamut of names that should never have been listed on a ballot. I mean, I get it, I do. By voting for unqualified people it sends a message (to whom?) that the Brazilian political system is a joke. But how much of that is true? How many everyday people actually weren’t in on the ‘joke’? And is it best to not search out that answer for fear of actually finding it out?

Sure, I don’t live in Brazil and I won’t be affected by the election results but for anyone to give away their power to a celebrity is just plain stupid and it nearly places us under an idiocracy. And I’m not just taking a pot-shot at Brazilians. Take a look at my own state where a foreign, iron-pumping, steroid-taking, talentless actor became governor. This trend (and it’s happening across the globe) is disturbing.


3 thoughts on “A Sad Day for Brazil

  1. It is really sad! Tiririca got almost 1.5 mi votes! And his jingle clearly says that he has no idea what a deputy does!I really think that happens in huge scale all over Brazil because vote is not a “right” but an obligation, since it is mandatory. Ontherwise, PT and its populism would not be so lucky, neither these elected artists! The most reasonable candidate of this election was Marina, unfortunally her party is not strong enough :(

    • Yes, that’s another issue all together. The obligation to vote. It’s complete BS because the population can’t vote by not voting, as it were.

  2. Democracy is like that, anyone can apply for and be elected, clowns, cowboys, bodybuilders and experts on war and sometimes even in peace.
    The fact that the obligation of the vote reflects realistically the number of voters upset with the system.
    I imagine it has a valid election where only a small portion of the population is interested in participating?
    These artists, political candidates oblige professionals to work, since only working to get reelected.
    I am engineer, 50 years old and I live in Sao Paulo, voted in the Marina, and now the candidate who has not been decided who is elected the second round. If this is ideocracy so I love it all.

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