Six Degrees of Teaching English

The following if from the Blood Pearls blog and discusses Fiona’s experience becoming an English teacher in Brazil, where she went from no students to 14, quite quickly. Now all she needs to do is somehow trademark her method and sell it via infomercial for $19.95 (normally a $60 value).

“I think the last time I posted about teaching I had four students and I was pretty excited about it. Well now I have 14. If I were to stay here longer, I could make a pretty good business out of teaching private English classes. The exponential rate of growth is quite something. For a town which offers many courses in English at a variety of private schools, I didn’t realize that so many people would be coming to me for classes (hooray for being a native English speaker!). When I first arrived, there was already one connection through Gustavo’s mom’s neighbor’s daughter’s friend. Laughing yet? This is the nature of connections in Brazil. Through this remote connection, I have gained three students so far. One started right away in August, (the guinea pig), and two others are starting this week. ( The husband of my first student, and the husband of my boyfriend’s mom’s neighbor’s daughter.) The other students I gained like this…” – Source (more here)

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