The Costs of Becoming a Temporary Resident

“Every evening after the federal police headquarters in Sao Paulo closes, immigrants and foreign professionals begin to line up along the street where they will remain, huddled under blankets, until the building reopens in the morning.

Since there is only one official to receive documents and only 100 people are attended to on a first-come-first-served basis each day, applicants have to wait in the cold all night to try to register as temporary residents, a process required by the Brazilian authorities.

Getting registered is so difficult that businesses often pay R$120 (or more than $70 U.S. dollars) an hour to have companies handle the process for their foreign employees. They pay even more — up to R$5,000 (almost $3,000) — to get professional assistance applying for a business or work visa, which can be complicated and time-consuming.” – Source (more here)

2 thoughts on “The Costs of Becoming a Temporary Resident

  1. The process definitely takes time and is full of bureaucratic headaches, but unless things have changed a LOT in the last few months, I don’t find the article to be entirely accurate. I am an American currently on a VITEM-V (work visa), and when I went to collect my CIE card about a month ago, the lines were in fact longer than when I had registered everything several months earlier, and even longer than when I registered for a previous visa in 2008–but I chalked it up to the strain on the system from all the amnesty cases. In any case, I’ve never spent longer than 4 hours at the Policia Federal in Sao Paulo, and I’ve never paid a despachante to go there for me. And honestly, I don’t think the process is much more complicated than any number of other countries.

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