Paraopeba Grocery Store – Short Documentary

This is an interesting 7-minute documentary (in PT) on the history of the Paraopeba Grocery Store, in Itabirito, Minas Gerais, a savior of traditions and of the simplicity that is lost with time. Mr. José and his son are still involved with the same kind of simple yet rich grocery store of their ancestors, selling regional products, many times via trade, with a lot of dedication and respect for one another. For me, I’d trade all the supermarkets for shops like this.

An interesting side note. The botequim (bar) resulted from these kinds of stores, or armázens (such as the grocery store you see in the documentary above), and were traditionally owned and run by Portuguese expats in the time of the Portuguese Court in Rio. Customers would come to pick up what they needed and the owner would offer them a drink.

I’ll leave you with a nice song about the store.


5 thoughts on “Paraopeba Grocery Store – Short Documentary

  1. That was just terrific! Thanks for posting it. I’ve put the link on our Minas International Facebook page. If you come across other gems that are specific to Minas Gerais please let me know so I can share them with our group.

    Thanks for your continued efforts.



    • Thank you, Maxine. Likewise, if you have interesting things about Minas, let me know! I’m listening to your radio interview on LA Talk Radio right now. I’ll have to post about Talk 2 Brazil.


    • No problem, Ray. I’m glad I could source it and share it. My thinking is that there are tons of good stories like this waiting to be told in Brazil, I just wish it was subtitled for English speakers.


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