American Takes On Lispector in Biography

“It was during a reading of A Hora da Estrela (The Hour of the Star), 15 years ago, that the American journalist and critic Benjamin Moser saw himself taken by an impetuous passion for the work and personality of Clarice Lispector. These are the kinds of passions that make us travel the world and spend our money, in a way that asks us not to do any accounting and to deliver ourselves to the object of our passion. That’s how Moser, who lives in Holland, became Clarice’s worldwide “embassador”. At the end of last year, he launched the biography titled ‘Why This World’. In Brazil, it was titled “Clarice,” (Clarice with a comma) by Cosac Naify.

The biography is the result of a study that started in 2005, and includes trips to 6 countries where Clarice lived, as well as interviews and a collection of material, an effort that resulted in a chronology of two-thousand pages.

His compliments to her come close to devotion. For Moser, Clarice represents three changes in his life: the discovery of an author that created her own language; the awakening of a will to speak and write in Brazilian Portuguese; and the desire that Brazil should be recognized not only for its attributes such as nature, soccer and Carnival. Traveling through the country, Moser was one of the most well-disposed names at the FLIP festival in Paraty, between August 4th and 8th, when he gave an interview with Língua magazine.” – Source (in PT, interview here)

More Info

Why This World – Amazon
Interview w/ Author (in PT)

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