The Most Expensive Shopping Centers in Brazil

“Luxury labels, famous brands, first-class restaurants or the old “bom, bonito e barato” (good, pretty and cheap). The most important shopping centers in Brazil have a lot to offer their many visitors. They are where the consumers are, be it those who have the most to spend or those that look for deals, in high-status neighborhoods or central regions. And the store owners pay the price for a little piece of these privileged locales.

The increase in rental prices in the main shopping centers in Brazil in the last year shows that the expansion of the retail sector is maintaining itself robustly. An annual study by the Cushman and Wakefield consultancy shows that the favorable economic indicators in Brazil and in other emerging nations accelerate the recuperation of these countries after the crisis, in a world that still suffers with the aftermath.

The study took into account the rental prices paid by retail shop owners in 269 shopping centers in 59 countries. In Brazil, just two of the ten localized studies showed devaluation. Of the ten centers whose rents were highest in the Americas, six are Brazilian. The largest valuation in the world, though, was that of Haddock Lobo street, in São Paulo. And Shopping Iguatemi went up a few degrees to become the 11th most expensive locale in the world for retail store owners.

Check out (in PT) the ten most expensive Brazilian shopping centers per square meter – and why they are so popular.” – Source (see link)


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