Brazil Has The Most Expensive Celular Data Plans

Note: See comments because it seems Folha got it wrong when they reported this, or they are using other metrics.

“The cost of data for cellular phones in Brazil is the most expensive among developing nations, according to a study by the UN published this Friday (15th), with information compiled by Nokia Siemens. According to the study, which cites data from 2009, only in Brazil and Zimbabwe does the average price of a monthly data package surpass US$120, leaving the country behind nations such as the Congo, Haiti and Bangladesh, which has the lowest cost among the 78 countries listed in the report. The average price worldwide is that of the US at US$46.54 per month.

“There’s a large variation, with some countries offering packages for less than US$20 per month and others for more than US$100”, says the document.

The numbers are part of a global study on the use of technology of information can contribute to fighting poverty in the world. According to UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), the authorities in the developing countries should place more importance in the sector of information technology and communication in their strategy to reduce poverty. The entity asserts that more benefits can be reaped if the creation of microenterprises were stimulated with the help of the government.

“Microenterprises are growing quickly in low-income countries and can offer employment of real value to the population with fewer resources and education. These activities include the use of devices and repairs, personal computer maintenance and management of cyber cafes”, explains the study. Nevertheless, the organization knows that few developing countries are evolved in the fabrication and creation of services for the area.” – Source (in PT, translated)

My Take

Call me crazy but shouldn’t cheaper options (…for everything) be made available to developing nations or do we still practice some form of peonage? I know, there are too many factors at play to actually make it simple to understand (usually such an argument comes with a wink and a nod, so let’s let the ‘experts’ make the big boy decisions).

You know how much I pay for unlimited data on my simple little phone? $25! And that includes minutes. Not bad, right? Then again, I’m not a teenage girl so my social life doesn’t depend on a data plan. As much as I love information, I say we’re just as well to dump the Internet all together. Little do the kids know, there used to be things called’ libraries’ and ‘writing letters’ but I fear such ideas are so antiquated they wouldn’t get past writing the first sentence in a letter without adding an ‘omg’, ‘lol’ or ‘jk’…just before their ADD kicks in and they grab a snack while talking to their friend, doing their homework, watching TV and, of course, texting.


8 thoughts on “Brazil Has The Most Expensive Celular Data Plans

  1. I live in Brazil.

    Those numbers can’t be correct. The document says that they used a 2,1 megabytes download per month as a base reference. 2,1 megabytes?! That’s nothing. I just visited all mobile companies websites in Brazil and the avarage rate for 10 Mb is 10 REAIS (U$ 5,8)! And the price for 1 GIGAbyte per month is 80 REAIS (U$ 47).

    More than 120 US Dolars for 2,1 megabytes a month is not even close to the truth. 2,1 GIGAbytes would make more sense.

    Did I get something wrong?

      • Adam,
        Thanks for you UltraFast reply. I saw the exactly same numbers you posted arround the world. I really don’t get it. I visited the 4 main companies website: VIVO, CLARO, TIM and OI.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but I would like to understand my mistake.

        Thanks a lot.

      • I looked around the net and only found the numbers listed in my post. I couldn’t find the UN report itself, though, to confirm. I’ll put a notice on the post.

  2. I never really cared about my cell phone. Although, I do love my internet. But I never use my cellphone is Brazil, yes I heardly know anyone. But I think the pricing has really turned me off to cells in general. But I think that has taken a lot of stress out of my life.

  3. Can anyone help me with an iPhone in Brasil question? If an unlocked iPhone is brought to Brasil, replace the AT&T chip with a local chip, how much does it cost a month — minutes, moderate text plan, & data to check email/internet?


    • Hi Sara,

      Well, I’m not 100% sure since I’m not in Brazil now but looking at Oi (a major carrier) online and their mobile plans, the lowest seems to be US$95 (2mb) or US$120 (10 mb)/month and 110 talking minutes. Perhaps someone else who currently uses a Brazilian carrier can give a better answer. Regards

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