Brazilian Population to Peak at 206 Million

“The Brazilian population will reach its peak at 206.8 million people in 2030, falling to 204.7 million people 10 years later. The prediction comes from the Institute for Advanced Economic Research (Ipea), with a database from the last National Study via the Sample of Domiciles (PNAD).

According to the Ipea, the tendency of the Brazilian population is to reach “over aging” in 20 years, like other countries in Europe and Japan. The reason for this is the link between reduced mortality and a decline in fertility that occurs in the country since the 1960s.

The Ipea also says that the family unit composed of a married couple with kids is still predominant in Brazil, however it is decreasing. In 2009, such a configuration represented 49.9% of families, against 62.8% in 1992. The increase in women’s contribution to the family income went from 30.1% in 1992 to 40.9% in 2009, according to the study. At the same time, the proportion of female spouses that contribute to the family income went from 39.1% to 65.8% in this timeframe.” – Source (in PT, translated)


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