US Magazines On Brazil

In the US, there are several micro-magazines (micro in size and/or number of pages) on Brazil, some of which I’ve covered in the past. Below, I’ll make a list and provide the links for each that I know of. As far as I know, all have both online and print versions which can be found at most major Brazilian markets in the US. It’s quite possible there may be others on the East Coast or some that are online only.

Brazzil – Since 1989

Brazil Explore – Since 2001

Soul Brasil – Since 2002

Brazil Preview – Since 2010


Estilo Bay – Since 2010


3 thoughts on “US Magazines On Brazil

  1. I used to subscribe to Brazzil in 1991/1992 or so when I learned Portuguese. Then since 2007 I subsribed to Brazil Explorer. Marcelo (owner of Brazil Explorer) is a cool guy & they have a brazilian market too. I’ve noticed others too, Pacific something or other. Thanks for showing the others, I’ll definitely look into those.

    • Yeah, I used to subscribe to Brazzil before, too, but that was in the early 2000’s. About the same time, I used to pick up Brazil Exlporer at the local markets so I have about 15 of them at home. I exchanged emails with Marcelo once but never met him. Their market, I used to go to when I lived in LA. I believe there’s a newspaper called Brazilian Pacific Times or something but not sure about a magazine with the name.

      About Estilo Bay, my friends are doing that one and I just became the translator as of the second issue (which is being put together now). I’m considering doing my own magazine of sorts but still not sure on a lot of details.

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