The New Columnist at Street Smart Brazil

Just an announcement. I’m excited to say I’ve been contracted out to Street Smart Brazil’s blog as a weekly columnist where I’ll be writing about Brazilian culture. That means I’ll be linking to those posts from here every week, to tell you all about the newest post!

And for anyone in the SF Bay Area who is looking for Portuguese lessons here or even via Skype, get in touch with Luciana, the owner of Street Smart Brazil at (or via her site).

Here’s my first column!

8 thoughts on “The New Columnist at Street Smart Brazil

    • Thanks, Danielle! I’ve only heard good things about it…as for my honeymoon, well, I probably shouldn’t put the horse before the carriage…not that I’m going to marry a horse…(silence, quickly slips away)

  1. Adam, it is such a pleasure to partner with you! Muito obrigada.

    Porto de Galinhas (we, locals, call it Porto) is absolutely gorgeous. Nature, food, nightlife for the young at heart, you can find it all there. I very much recommend a trip to Porto if you are in the Northeast of Brazil.

  2. My husband and I have taken many lessons from Luciana of Street Smart Brazil both in person in San Francisco and via skype while we lived in São Paulo – she’s wonderful!
    I’m glad to hear of the connection – I follow both blogs!

    • I’m glad you are finding good use in what we do, Suzanna! We both are working with our own brands, if you will, only her’s is a business while mine (so far) is just something I do for pleasure. Nonetheless, I hope we can both continue to provide interesting insights into Brazil, its culture and language! Cheers!

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