Fazendo Uma Geral – Site News Update

Just an update from my Sept. 10th post titled ‘Fazendo Uma Geral’.

– Yesterday, I brought the vanity URLs over so both http://www.eyesonbrazil.com and eyesonbrazil.com direct here to WordPress.

– The Brazilian Films List (to your left, which took over from the ‘Every Brazilian Film I’ve Ever Seen & Recommend’ post) gained a few additional details such as the year each film was made and the director who made it, along with the previous IMDB links. I’m happy to say it has also become a popular post according to my blog statistics. Current film count: 130.

– On top of being contracted by Street Smart Brazil for a weekly column, I’m also the translator now for Estilo Bay, the new Bay Area magazine on Brazilian culture I mentioned in a recent post. From time to time, I’ll also be a columnist there, too. The November issue will be out shortly so I’ll post about that when the time comes. Aside from being published a few times in Brazzil magazine several years back, which you can find on the right side column at the bottom under ‘My Non-Fiction’, I’m awaiting one of my articles to be published in the December issue of a Colombian magazine.

– Last but not least, I’m looking into new ways to bring you my content. A few of the ideas I’ve considered are audio, video and magazine format(s). What I’m after is an easily sharable way to post or perhaps a compliment to the posts themselves.

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