Arresting People In High Places

You may have heard about the two U.S. Federal Air Marshals who apprehended a disorderly woman on a flight from Houston to Rio de Janeiro. Apparently, she had already had her share of the spirits and she went into the galley to pour herself some more, at which point the Air Marshals handcuffed her. One might chalk it up to another case of Americans saving the day…but wait, there’s more!

Upon arrival in Rio, the Marshals handed over the woman to authorities who then arrested the Marshals. The woman in cuffs, it turns out, is the wife of an important Brazilian judge. At some point in the confusion, the Marshals got away and then used alternative documents to hop another flight out of the country. Well-played…plus something we should care about called the Tokyo Convention (I missed that one) allows such agents to get away with arresting people in high places…like airplanes.


2 thoughts on “Arresting People In High Places

  1. I love this story! I wrote about it the other day. Only in Brazil would a judge have someone arrested for arresting his wife… well, not only in Brazil but I find the reactions of both side hilarious

  2. That’s the famous Brazilian culture of “Do you know who you are talking to?”. That’s why you see maids being beaten up by middle-class teenagers, indians being burned.

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