Why Is Twitter So Popular in Brazil?

Time Magazine can tell you. But so can I. (Was that 140 characters or less?)

There are two reasons Twitter is popular in Brazil. One is that as more and more people in up-and-coming countries get online, the Internet becomes democratic, giving everyone access to the same content. Said content can be extremely interesting or, as in most cases, it can leave you like a dog chasing its tail, filling your mind with one-thousand bytes of useless information (at which point you may wish to ask yourself what conclusions about life would you be coming to had you not spent that hour reading nonsense).

Reason two is that Brazil has a celebrity culture, much like the U.S. and Twitter gives ‘normal’ people the chance to connect with ‘special’ people who are one of the following: beautiful, powerful, young, or rich. In fact, this is a huge turn-off for getting me to take the service seriously because for every interesting news article on Brazil listed on Twitter, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Brazilian teen girls tweeting to and about Justin Bieber, Kaká, Beyonce, you-name-it.

Interesting what happens when you look into the etymology of the word ‘tweet’, as individual messages on Twitter are called. The word ‘tweet’ originated in the year 1845 and is imitative of the sound made by a small or young bird. If you were to follow that logic, that means users are either small (unimportant) or young (not mature), enjoy imitating non-original ideas in 140 characters (linguistic minimalism, no way to convey things in depth) and like to ‘follow’ people on stages/altars (actors, politicians or clergy…not that there are clergymen on Twitter).

Just a thought. Here are a few more by Time.


4 thoughts on “Why Is Twitter So Popular in Brazil?

  1. My take is that Brazilians like to copy what’s in the media, what’s popular, what everybody else is doing. Brazilians don’t want to do different. To be original. Brazilians want to fit in.

  2. I think maybe also it is because Brazil has so many people that can afford cell phones but not afford pc’s or laptops.

    I think it might be time to invest in some stock of those two major cell phone minute cards that you can get at any magazine stand in Brazil!

  3. Brazilains like easy and useless things, like tv, soap operas and Big Brother. Most brazilains don’t think, are average. More than 80% don’t read or really interested in culture. All theyw ant is to write lot of bullshit and to be read. Yes, I’m brazilian and not proud of that.

  4. I knew it! Brazil had to have a substantial amount of Twitter users, being that almost every day, there is a trending topic in Brazilian Portuguese or with a Brazilian reference.

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