An Open Proposal to Brazil Bloggers

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve held to the idea that having one location for all Brazil bloggers to write would be a bankable operation. The problem is that everyone is too attached to their own ‘brand’ and when I think of someone asking me to give up my site to work exclusively for them, they better pay me well because until that happens, I’m more than happy to contribute as a writer/columnist for other brands, as it were, but I won’t be leaving my own site.

Usually when I propose this individually to other Brazil bloggers, they don’t respond at all to the proposal. Perhaps that is why I am finally after almost 3 years, saying it like this, as a post. There’s enough of us to constantly create good, interesting content to the point where the main page would be like a stream the reader can easily browse through. The group at Brasil Com Z are doing just what I propose (although they are actually Brazilians writing about living abroad), nonetheless, I think it’s a fantastic idea…as long as there was some sort of editorial oversight or system of checks put in place.

The only way to accomplish both so that each person can have their cake and eat it too, is with the creation of a new site, the approval of all parties involved to have their content replicated and someone to be in charge of it. So, here it is…I propose a collaboration in some sense or another. There’s enough of us doing a great job to attract legitimate advertising and make an example of what we can accomplish together, without resorting to having ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’, so to speak. We can start simple with just one good post per blogger per week (that’s around 10+ posts per week if everyone I have in mind participates).

Any thoughts, be you a reader or blogger?


10 thoughts on “An Open Proposal to Brazil Bloggers

  1. i’m down :-) i can be our SEO too, haha

    i think what would be intersting would be the possibility to link back to our own blogs. this way people won’t feel like they’re losing credibility vis a vis their own sites or blogs.

    o que vc acha?

    • Yes, that’s what I was getting at, that since no one would want to give up their own blog/brand, then it would be a ‘link back’ type thing.

      The wheels in my head go round and round, round and round…

  2. Estou dentro! That’s the expression, right? Let me know what ideas you have for ideas and organization/layout. I think it has a lot of promise!

    (However, know that Tanya from The Local of Brazil is trying to do something similar, though I’m not sure what her specific goals are:

    • Hi Danielle,

      Cool! Good to know. I’ll come up with some further ideas and send out an email to everyone I think would be interested or who has already expressed interest. I checked out The Local and didn’t quite see the idea I have in mind as she appears to have her own blog and accepts guest posts. Since most of us are open to and/or have accepted guest posts in the past, it makes us more similar to The Local than different, in my opinion.

      I’m going to work on the email going out today. Thanks again!

  3. Ahh– thats a nice idea! You already bring a lot of information together from blogs in Brazil and this is a nice step.
    Ill definitely be reading although I will be writing about other things soon,as I am moving away from Brazil and to Germany. Still an ex-pat but not of Brasil.
    I wonder if youd like to approach Alex who is Brazilian living in Canada, for the occasional post. Could be interesting to have his view, too. Have you checked out his blog?

    • Thanks Fiona! I knew I was missing someone (you!) but I guess you’re right, Germany needs some love, too. As for Alex, yes, thank you, I will contact him.

      Regards (and I hope you wrote about this whole Germany thing on your blog, I will check it now)

  4. It sounds good to me. Between the various bloggers there is quite a range of things that get posted: family stories, impressions as an ex-pat, local event alerts, movie reviews, recipies — are you thinking to reign in the content and shape it somehow?

    The folks at Murder is Everywhere are doing something simmilar, as murder mystery writers. Seven contributors, one each day.

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