Big Brother Brasil – All Cars To Be Tracked

The following article seems to have been written by a non-native English speaker, nonetheless, the real BBB is coming. Note: No one involved in the BBB story will be in the next edition of Playboy.

“Brazilian population will be forced very soon to have in their cars identification chips (RFID), besides GPS locators and blockers. According to several news, the brazilian government hurries to show until november of 2010 the GPS tracker that will be legally required to be in all new cars from February of 2011.

It is unclear how this will work but in this article of the Folha de Sao Paulo says the Denatran (Transit National Department) will oversee the center, and that it will be operated by Serpro (organ of government for data processing). This means that the brazilian government can access the location of any car registered in any country!

The article in the Folha de Sao Paulo also says:

To circumvent the criticisms of those who claim lack of privacy, which has led the discussion to the judicial arena, the Minister Marcio Fortes says there will be two options: the tracker and blocker. This will make the car stop in a given situation, for example if the thief stops at traffic lights, and will be mandatory. In the other hand, the GPS tracker will be contracted or not by the user.

The implications of this? Imagine this in the hands of a corrupt and totalitarian government, which decides to label as terrorists those who disagree with its actions? Brazilian should unite and reject this law, modeled on the American war on terror, using security as pretext for the removal of our freedoms and privacy.” – Source (where sources to write the story can also be found)


3 thoughts on “Big Brother Brasil – All Cars To Be Tracked

  1. Strange. I don’t really see why it needs to be legally required if the argument for the chip is to prevent theft. If someone doesn’t want the chip, they risk their car getting stolen and not found. Their problem, not the government’s.

    It should certainly be a service that’s available for cars and can maybe give people take breaks or cheaper insurance (like the system in the US, which I think is run by private companies). But I agree that the idea of making it mandatory is suspicious, especially in a country with a government history like that of Brazil.

    • Agreed.

      From what I see worldwide, it’s a mandate that all countries related to the UN or G8 are pushing. Present a ‘problem’ (war on this or that), know how the people will react, provide the solution. Typical Hegelian dialectic of moving society in the direction they wish while keeping the populace dumbed down with celebrity news and grown-ups playing with balls (sports). Incremental change provokes no inquiry. Familiarity with concepts makes people more likely to accept them when they affect their own lives. We all know what GPS is, RFID chips aren’t that new but with ‘the Internet of things’ coming, I’m sure we’ll all get used to them. Plus they’ve already given the people their talking point (tracking their cars is to prevent theft). Soon, we’ll all find ourselves in the movie Surrogates or The Gamer. You never know!

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