Moods – Vocabulary

I remember the first time I heard my carioca friend say “alto astral“, I thought to myself, “what in the world could that mean?” She tried to explain it to me in simple terms, saying “it’s-a like-e when you are in a good-a mood-je”. Apparently, one can be in a good mood (estar de alto astral), bad mood (baixo astral) or need their mood uplifted (levantar o astral).

A good question to raise is how does one’s ‘astral’ differ from their ‘humor‘ (bom humor/mau humor)? I assume there isn’t much of a difference.

3 thoughts on “Moods – Vocabulary

  1. I think the difference is that “astral” would be the slang for “humor”, so that you can say “levantar o astral”, “alto astral”. You cannot say “levantar o humor” lol
    Also “astral” can refer to be happy or sad, while “humor” doesn’t translate that.
    I believe “astral” comes from astrology, meaning your “estado de espírito” rather than “humor”. That’s why it has a broader meaning.

  2. I just remembered.
    Some people would say: “Ela tem um ótimo astral” (yeah astral is masculine) meaning that that person has the power of making everybody feels good on both sense – as a person who has good humor and will make you laugh, and as a good company just to stay with (positive energy)lol.

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