Bezerra da Silva – Vítima da Sociedade

Youtube won’t let me embed Vítima da Sociedade.

Victim of Society
Bezerra da Silva

If you want to arrest a thief
You can go back the way you came
The thief is hiding down below
Behind a tie and a collar

Just because I live on the hill
You awake my misery
The truth is I walk around hungry
I never stole from anyone, I’m a working man
If there’s a bank robbery
How is it that you can’t arrest the powerful boss
Cause the newspapers are saying that only theives live on the hills


On the hill no one has a mansion
Not a house in the countryside for the summer
Not a yacht for a maritime ride
Nor a private plane
We are victims of a society
That is notorious and full of mischief
On the hill no one has millions of dollars
Deposited in a Swiss bank


2 thoughts on “Bezerra da Silva – Vítima da Sociedade

  1. Youngblood, I truly love your taste in old school Brazilian music. Pardal turned me on to Bezera da Silva about four years ago. Now this is protest music with a wicked groove.

  2. This also greatly helps with the learning Portuguese process as music is a good learning tool to learn not only to speak but to hear the language of Portuguese and understand it.

    So all you folks out there like me who are not fluent, take advantage of these translations when Adam translates for us.

    So, Adam, it took you ten years to become fluent? Now I don’t feel so bad about my slow procees of learning the language! I still have six years to go!

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