Breaking Yawn – Celeb Crazy Brazil

The last day or two, it has been harder to sift through the garbage news in order to find the good stuff. Why? American celebrities. Apparently, they all decided to bum rush Brazil at the same time. There’s Eminem, Paul McCartney, Green Day (who recently left), Jonas Brothers, and the casts of two Hollywood film sagas, Fast and The Furious 5 (Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster) and Breaking Dawn (Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart). Plus there’s the Formula 1 race that just ended.

I guess I should get used to it as Brazil’s popularity sky rockets with the cool crowd. At the moment, I’m more concerned about the fact that I allowed such information to enter my brain where the possibility exists that it may forever remain, lol. There may be, however, some saving grace in the fact that I cannot name the Jonas Brothers individually.


3 thoughts on “Breaking Yawn – Celeb Crazy Brazil

  1. I agree, but I’m happy that filming of Breaking Dawn will partially be in my lovely Paraty, no paraíso, on the Saco de Mamanguá. A family friend lives in that small village and I hope that it brings them a little money and excitement, but not TOO much exposure. I don’t want paradise to get ruined!

    • I read the other day that RioFilme spent 500 thousand to get Breaking Dawn to shoot in Rio yet they estimate the city will make over 3 million from it. I understand your thinking on it, a little money never hurts as long as they treat the residents right (like in Lapa where they apparently treated residents like Breaking Dawn owned the neighborhood so they could film their fire scenes).

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