Price Comparison – 2011 Kia Sportage

The other day, I offered up an article I translated called “Products 6x More Expensive in Brazil” and while that figure is not the case in this example, the general idea is at work here. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves before I add a final sentence or two at the bottom.

In case you don’t have your calculator out, that’s a markup difference of R$52,889 (or, US$31,200)!! So that means an American can buy 2.7 Kia Sportages for the price of one in Brazil. Basically three cars for one, yeah, that’s fair…


12 thoughts on “Price Comparison – 2011 Kia Sportage

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  2. Adam,

    Can you imagine if the US did the same?
    I think for starters, Detroit wouldn’t be the depressing slum that it is today…and maybe, just maybe the US would be enjoying a healthier economy right about now!


  3. Adam,

    Absolutely, if the entry price was 100,000 for a car a lot of people would not have one.
    The good thing is that you can buy many Brazilian made entry Fords, Chevrolets, Fiats and Volkswagens for around 18,0000 Reais, which comes around 9,000 dollars, that is not too bad if you consider all the financing options available today in Brazil.
    Now, if you want to patron a Korean company and purchase a large SUV, the Brazilian government will make sure to punish you by purchasing them one SUV too, in the shape of taxes, of course, which are 100% over imported cars.
    You add transportation from Korea to Brazil, the dealer profit and the cost of paperwork, the price sounds about right…not fair, but right.
    The Brazilian gov. is not shy about encouraging people to buy MADE IN BRAZIL products and it seems like it is working for them…
    I would agree that cars in Brazil suck big time, they are small and look like crap, but it’s the price they decided to pay to keep jobs in Brazil for now.

    We should just wished the US governament was so agressive to protect American jobs.


    • Now I get where you are going. In that case, I agree. I was unaware of the cheaper car prices in Brazil. In the US, we provide cheap Chinese products to customers and the consumer only thinks about the price they are paying rather than the jobs that have disappeared so he/she could buy said product at such a low price. Walmart, for example, may very well treat their employees well and offer low prices but how many manufacturing jobs have they outsourced to China and other nations? It just goes to show that many corporations are internationalists and only after the biggest profit.

      Changing subjects a bit. As an exercise, I think having a price comparison site for Brazil would be interesting and useful (to some, like future expats). Like, how much is it for groceries per week? Personally, I’ve figured that out for myself but a breakdown of common items for every outing or business would be nice to have available.

    • Adam….You cannot find any Brazilian made car for R$ 18.000,00. The cheapest car in Brazil now would be around R$ 30.000,00, and we’re talking 1000cc Fiat Unos and GM’s Celta, also 1000ccs…and don’t expects airbags and ABS breaks. This policy has nothing to do with keeping our jobs. It’s just the government stabbing us with taxes….over and over again. As a matter of fact, most of those Kia and Hyunday are already being manufactured in Brazil.

  4. Totally agree, such a site would be very useful to a lot of people.
    I usually compare prices when I travel to Brazil and it changes over the years…
    Lately everything is starting to sound too expensive in Brazil, but then I realize that things there kind of have costed the same but the value of the dollar is down…bummer, I really miss the days when the dollar was almost 4 times the value of the Real…

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  6. You can’t buy a Fiat, VW or Ford for 18,000 reais (11,000 USD). You can buy a 1.0 VW Gol for 30,000 reais (18,000 USD). At this price, the car does NOT come with air conditioniont, electric windows, central locking, power stearing etc. All of which are expected when buying a brand new car in Europe and the US. Car prices in Brazil are absolutely ridiculous but everyone seems to have one! There simply is no such thing as a cheap car in Brazil.

  7. The plain truth is that Brasil has a protectionist economy. Free trade is suppressed so that goods and services produced in Brasil have NO COMPETITION.

    Do not compare Brasil to the USA in this area. Brasil is a rising star but the days of a closed economy are numbered.

  8. The only way for the people of Brasil to buy a car (usually used) is to belong to clubs were the members contribute monthly and use a drawing to award the cash to the new owner.

    Oh and to anyone thinking “I could ship my car over”-forget it! It is verboden!

  9. Today I saw a Citroen being sold in the UK for about 11.000 pounds. It costs around R$ 60.000,00 in Brazil. I live in Brazil….and I feel like an idiot.

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