The Speed of Brazil’s Internet

An article was just published on the tech site Royal Pingdom about worldwide Internet speeds and there are some interesting graphs that accompany the article. While you may click on that link and see the full charts, I thought I’d give a breakdown of the country speeds in terms of the slowest, fastest and how both the US and Brazil measure up. The number in parenthesis next to each country name refers to the size of the country in terms of Internet users.

I wonder how the correlation is between frustration of using the Internet in the slowest country (Iran, in this case) and deciding to partake in other activities in light of the frustration. For example, would an adolescent choose to play outside rather than wait for a webpage to load? Of course it presumes that the adolescent’s family has a computer, nonetheless, it would be interesting to see data on how limited connection speeds (or even censorship) might give rise to more fulfilling activities.

Overall Speed

Worldwide Averages

Connection Speed Distribution


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