Price Comparison – Milk

As a follow-up to my Kia Sportage price comparison, I naturally decided…milk should be next.

Brazilian Milk
1 liter – 33 ounces
Low Cost – R$1.95 (US$1.13) DALIA
High Cost – R$5.06 (US$2.95) CAPPRY’S
Price for a Gallon – Between US$4.52 – US$11.80
Source: Pão de Açúcar

American Milk
1 gallon – 128 ounces
Low Cost – US$3.29 (R$5.64) Safeway
High Cost – US$6.59 (R$11.30) Horizon
Price for a Liter – Between R$1.41 – R$2.82
Source: Safeway

Four liters of Brazilian milk basically equals 1 gallon of American milk in quantity. ‘Price for a liter’ (or gallon) based on calculations. I can only assume Brazilian milk has the added benefit of lasting longer (at least while shelved) than American milk, which has to be refrigerated immediately. Also important to note that Pão de Açúcar may not be equal to Safeway in quality or prices. Perhaps Whole Foods prices would be a better comparison? Either way, I don’t see the final tally fluxuating to any significant degree.


8 thoughts on “Price Comparison – Milk

  1. But you are comparing goat milk as a high end product. Goat milk should be in a different category. A high end milk could be Ninho for example. You definitely pay more than a “brand less” milk, but it’s milk still. But I agree that the prices here are too high, specially in São Paulo. Although it’s easy to explain that, considering that the inflation in Brazil is about 5%.. and in the US is about 1.5% (2010), now add all the taxes that we pay down here. “Easy” to justify the high prices. Unfortunately.

    • Thanks for the reply, Guillermo. Yes, I didn’t look at the kind of milk, I just looked at the least expensive and the most expensive that the supermarket sells.

      I just looked into Ninho pricing and it sells for cheap (at a cost equal to the low-cost Brazilian milk). Does that mean good-quality milk there is low-cost?


      • Good to know, I can’t remember Extra at the moment but I’m sure I’ve either seen it or been there. The last sentence in my post says that I don’t think the prices would differ that much anyways (at least on the American side) because buying a gallon here for around US$6 is expensive no matter which supermarket.

    • Dear Guillermo
      I am from Senegal and looking for milk powdzer prices I would be very pleased if you could provide prices and proposal.

      I am looking for ward to hearing you soon

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    • Ah yes, that is why I suggested that a better comparison would be with Whole Foods market (an expensive place) here because Safeway is for the average person.

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