4 Brazilian Airports Have Body Scanners

This is from back in July but still relevant as a topic of interest, though I can’t find further news items that are more recent.

“Four Brazilian airports are going to adopt, starting this month, the controversial body scanning machines. Passengers that embark on international flights in Cumbica, in Guarulhos (SP), Galeão, in Rio and in Recife and Manaus may be selected to go through the device. The objective being to stop the entrance of guns, explosives or drugs.

The superindentant of the PF in Rio, Ângelo Gioia, said the technique can be considered invasive, “but within the limit”. Legislation permits a body search when there are founded suspicions of illicit activity. This technique will be less invasive than others already in place, though compelling”, he said. “There are no excesses when it comes to security”. – Veja

My Take

First off, I’m not risking the body scanners as they may give off way more radiation than a typical x-ray. Second, I don’t care to have a revealing scanned body image saved on some gov’t database. Third, there actually are excesses when it comes to security, like intruding on my right to privacy and freedom. Fourth, the alternative is…being groped? This Wednesday is National Opt-Out Day for TSA Screenings. Join in if you’re flying.

In the meantime, let’s all party like it’s 1984…



3 thoughts on “4 Brazilian Airports Have Body Scanners

  1. Adam,

    There was a report on the news yesterday that the radiation you receive during 2 minutes inside an airplane is 1000 times stronger than the one you will receive during an airport scanner machine.
    If that is truth, there is no reason to be subjected to the humiliating grouping session at the airports.
    Again, I have my concerns, because, pilots are well aware of the radiation levels in airplanes, they are not an amateur bunch and they are strongly against the full body scanners, so it is definitely something to thing about it.


    PS: I just started a blog about our experience as a Brazilian couple living in the US, you can find us here:


    • Quite interesting info, I’ll have to track down that report because until now I hadn’t heard about radiation while in an airplane.

      There’s a story out about an American pilot who went through a security check with his daughter and one of the TSA agents said to the other, “heads up, here comes a cutie” (before they groped her or saw her privates, not sure which).

      Thanks for sharing your blog, I’ll check it out

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