Rio Has Its Hands Full

It seems Rio de Janeiro’s police force have their hands full (BBC). Click on the map to enlarge current hot spots of violence.

Meanwhile, the BOPE Captain says: “I believe the task of forgiving the drug dealers lies with God, we’re only here to promote a meeting between them.”

6 thoughts on “Rio Has Its Hands Full

  1. like always fabio….
    ahhh when are they going to understand that violence is a cause of theirs actions and you cant fight violence with more violence?????

    • Well, there’s something to be said for the results of BOPE’s brute force in certain examples, even if the brute force itself is something I don’t agree with. The problem is that this (pacification) only works in confined areas (like one neighborhood). A bit harder to do with entire cities. It’s a complicated issue. I once read a book on Rio favelas and in it, one of the famous drug lords of the 90’s said he wasn’t the top guy, that people way more powerful were above him, people that weren’t even Brazilian (international arms dealers and drug traffickers).

  2. of course there are people above them…and the goverment knows it.. but its all just food for the masses you know what i mean.. its all about what they want to show to the people..

  3. The media coverage just reminded me the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. People in California, across the country, couldn’t sleep because of what the media had produced on their minds.

    It’s just a big show to make the population think it’s everything under control, when it’s not.

    manipulation, manipulation, manipulation…

  4. Who thinks everything is under control? The population of Rio de Janeiro? I’m Carioca (from Rio de Janeiro), we do not think everything under control. Brazil has serious problems in the area of public safety, which will not be solved in a single day and nor in a single action. We’re not stupid.
    Brazil or Rio de Janeiro are not utopian, unlike many countries in the world who think they are a ‘paradise’ and has no problems. Speaking about violence in Brazil and they forget their own violence.
    p.s sorry my english

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