Folha in English? #Fail

Let’s play a game. Find the item that doesn’t belong in the picture below.

And here I am thinking Folha is the “Primeiro jornal em tempo real em língua portuguesa.” Kind of weird, right? And no, I didn’t run it through Google Translate. I guess they’re trying to expand their reach. Interesting, though, that the 7 articles they have in English are about the recent violence in Rio. You can even hear a podcast in English on their site. Putting the subject matter aside, the best parts are the comments sections of each article as they are full of ‘discussions’ about why Folha is doing these translations.

I almost decided to write an entire post just about how stupid this is. It’s highly likely that anyone who reads Folha either speaks Portuguese as their first language or knows Portuguese through study. Moreover, it’s highly unlikely that someone who doesn’t know Portuguese would be on Folha’s site, much less scroll down to look for an article in English. Then there’s the whole false promise of an English-speaker finding the article and thinking Folha had a section for articles in English (which they don’t). I think the comments below speak some truth.

6 thoughts on “Folha in English? #Fail

  1. The olimpic games and, the world cup thats what happening! Even years before it comes for real, the city must be safety for the people that will come. I mean that’s not only for the native citizens. I hope it ends without so many innocent hurt.

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