‘Visit Lisbon’ Tries to Shed Stereotype

“Brazilian tourists are visiting Lisbon more and more and for an average of three nights, spending 969 euros (R$2,200), according to Turismo de Lisboa (aka Visit Lisbon), an entity that will be honored on Tuesday in São Paulo. The communications project “Lisboa Convida”, developed last year by Turismo de Lisboa in Brazil, won in the International Public Relations category in the 30th edition of Brazilian public relations contest (with a name that’s too long to reproduce).

The idea is to stop Lisbon’s image from being “a bit provincial” and full of connotations of the past like  “Manuel, the baker and people with mustaches”, says Lusa Paula Oliveira from Turismo de Lisboa. “We’re a city with a strong image, we speak the same language and we’re a formidable entryway into Europe”, she continued to say. The budget for Lisboa Convida in Brazil is close to half a million euro, with the Brazilian market being “extraordinarily important for Lisbon”.

Brazilians are spending around a thousand euro while other foreign tourists to Lisbon spend about 700 euro. Last year, Turismo de Lisboa did roadshows to several Brazilian cities with some local personalities, travel agents, unique brochures geared towards Brazilians, news clippings, events and invites for Brazilian journalists to visit Lisbon.

The end of a novela from TV Globo recorded in Lisbon’s Parque das Nações created a boom in interest and was of great help in presenting the Portuguese capital’s modern side. ” – i Online (in PT)

My Take

We should all visit Lisbon. I would…but I’m just missing the 969 euro. Perhaps they shouldn’t have included that last part. In an article from the Portuguese paper Diário de Notícias, it says Globo stereotyped Portuguese people in the Brazilian novela Negócios da China and that they didn’t even film in the nice and neat Parque das Nações (photo).

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2 thoughts on “‘Visit Lisbon’ Tries to Shed Stereotype

  1. Wow, PT is really hurting for money if it’s catering to the population it normally sneers at. I visited Lisboa this summer and was very surprised to see Brazilians everywhere and to hear Brazilian spoken everywhere. I was mistaken for Brazilian as well!

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