Potpourri of Songs

I’ve been listening to some random radio shows from Brazil and I’ve heard an array of songs. Below are three of them.

Here’s a classic ‘marcha’ (Carnival song) from 1930 that put Carmen Miranda in the spotlight, called Pra Você Gostar de Mim (aka “Taí”). By the end of 1930, the Brazilian newspaper O País called Carmen “the best Brazilian singer” (even though she’s Portuguese). The cover below is by Marina de la Riva.

Below is a song called Natureza (Nature) by Xangai whose real name is Eugênio Avelino. Xangai is a violinist and singer-songwriter from southern Bahia and received his nickname from his father’s ice-cream shop of the same name. The song is quite long but pretty good (even if the lyrics are by another person).

The last one is called Amigo é Casa (A Friend is a House) and is sung by Zélia Duncan and Simone. A good one to send to a best friend.


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