How Smart (or Dumb) Is Your Site?

Google has just added an extra filter to their advanced search which lets you rank results based on the reading level of their content. For example, here is the reading level of Eyes On Brazil’s content…

So 5% of the things I write are really smart, lol. If you’d like to check your site or any site, just go to Google and enter “site:yoursite” (without the quotes) and then go into advanced settings right next to the “search” button and find the drop down menu for reading level and select “annotate results…” If you need a tutorial of sorts, go here.


6 thoughts on “How Smart (or Dumb) Is Your Site?

  1. Well, what does Google know????? I am an expat Brazilian and I love your site. You cover a great variety of topics and yet you manage to make it interesting! Thanks for the time and energy you give to this enjoyable blog!

  2. Aww! I got 96% basic, and only 3% intermediate, and then 0% advanced! That’s not even 100%!

    I’d like to know their definitions of basic, intermediate, and advanced English, and what linguistic features they’re using to determine if the levels.

    I feel dumb now :(

    • Basically, it’s an algorithm being applied to the entire Internet and not a professional examining each site. I wouldn’t put too much stock into it, besides, I post quite a lot of articles from other news sites so the content I write myself isn’t fairly represented by looking at Google’s reading level results.

      From Cnet,

      Google said it developed the categorization system with the help of teachers who were paid to sort Web pages into one of the three buckets, after which it built a statistical model to expand those rankings to the Web at large. Google didn’t provide further details on what type of criteria the teachers used to decide when a page was “basic” or “intermediate.”

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