No more visas for Brazilians traveling to US?

The US Ambassador to Brazil is seriously considering ending visa requirements for Brazilians traveling to the US. Brazil is currently at an approval rate of 95% apparently and it only needs to reach 97% visa approval rate before the US drops visa requirement. Potentially, this means Brazil may drop the requirement for Americans…

“Atingir 97% de aprovação é um dos requisitos para que um país possa ser incluído no programa de dispensa de visto”, diz Shannon. “Há grande interesse na concessão desse status aos brasileiros, inclusive entre os americanos ligados à indústria do turismo. Não posso dar datas, mas a estudamos seriamente a questão.” – Exame

Find the entire interview with the Ambassador in this weekend’s VEJA.


2 thoughts on “No more visas for Brazilians traveling to US?

  1. Wow, great news!

    Also good for U.S.-Brazil relations because things like this are ugly: “U.S. passport holders must pay a [visa] processing fee of US140.00 in reciprocity for an identical fee paid by Brazilian citizens who apply for a tourist visa to the U.S.;”

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