Three Announcements (on X-mas, Films & Tech)

Most know by now that I am the owner of other virtual properties (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?) on the web and that, from time to time, I write on other websites. Here are a few instances…

– Sounds and Colours, the South American music and culture magazine, asked me to write a lil’ article on the top 5 Brazilian films of 2010. One I wish I added to the list was Olhos Azuis, which I just saw last night. A polemic film that raises many questions on immigration and stereotypes.

– Street Smart Brazil just published my 8th article, this one on Christmas in Brazil.

BrazTech, a new project by…me, is underway as well. The aim is to provide English-language summaries of news items on how technology is being used in Brazil. I’m looking to make it a stand-alone website next month and to enhance the look and feel.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break! Don’t eat too much Panetone, eh!

One thought on “Three Announcements (on X-mas, Films & Tech)

  1. Hi Adam, I know this post is a bit old, but I wanted to say thanks for your comment on my blog, and ask about Olhos Azuis. Where/how did you see it? In Brazil? I’m in New Jersey and missed the showing in New York City a while back, so I’m wondering if there’s any way I can get my hands on the movie because it sounds great!

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