Brazilian School System Like a Funnel

Brazil has 42.9 million matriculated students, according to the School Census 2010 published today in the Diário Oficial da União. The annual study done by the Anísio Texeira National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (Inep), connected to the Ministry of Education (MEC), shows a snapshot of the matriculation situation for pre-school, elementary school and secondary (middle/high) school as well as special education.

The image taken by the census continues to be one of a funnel: the Brazilian school system has almost double the students in the first years of elementary education in comparison with the matriculation for secondary education. According to the data, collected between May and August of this year, the country registered 13.4 million matriculations in the first years of elementary (1st – 5th year; with children starting at age 6) and 7.1 million matriculations for secondary education (1st – 3rd year…of secondary school).

More Info

Administradores (in PT)
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