One Brazil Blogger Goes Bye-Bye

Fiona at Blood and Pearls has left us. In her latest two posts (and the last ones for a while on Brazil I’m guessing), she says goodbye as she jets off to Vancouver, then Germany. She relates her experience getting in line at the airport, which I found all too familiarly funny.

“Gustavo and I gave each other one last kiss, and then I entered the crowd of fat and rude Americans travelling home for the holidays. What a shock to understand everything that is being said around me. I wish I could close out things like… “What the hell is this third world treatment we’re receiving. Doesn’t anyone know what they’re doing?” or “That woman back there was nasty! Why did she tell you that? She wasn’t even that cute!” or “&(^#$^&^(#$&)Q&$*^&(Q$^(^” I was bombarded with vulgarity. Why were these people here? To exploit? To indulge? Seemingly.”


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