Gov’t launches new ID

“Today, in Brasília, the new Brazilian ID (RIC – Registro de Identidade Civil) will be launched which will substitute the current ID (RG). The RG will still be valid until all citizens have been registered for the new one, according to the Ministry of Justice.

The new document has various security mechanisms like a chip, where digital fingerprints, sex, nationality, date of birth, photo, signature, expiration date and other relevant data. The ID holder’s SSN (CPF) will be stored there, too, in the near future.” – Exame

Let’s see what can be done with these new identification cards. A chip can be manipulated, stolen, hacked and tracked. Plus, what happens if you lose your ID? It’s reaching the point where you won’t be considered a citizen anymore. No ID? Can’t work here. Money? Sorry, we deal in rations, allocated to your ID. Incremental changes, like computer updates, will slowly transform society to accept new norms.


2 thoughts on “Gov’t launches new ID

    • Well, I think the chip is none other than for you to be tracked yet they pretend it’s just for harmless purposes like the fact they’ll be using chip reading devices and therefore will need chips to read!

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